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Corky Eckelsbriar

A funny, witty, and educational book!

by Corinne Escobar Griffiths

This is a must read for elementary school students! 

Each chapter teaches a valuable lesson!


Corinne Escobar Griffiths
displaying her books.

 If you're looking for an entertaining and educational book for your child, you've come to the right place!

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Corky Eckelsbriar
Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter 1:
Corky is born, but rumors have it, she's missing an arm!

Chapter 2:
Corky investigates a few disgusting things in the garden!

Chapter 3:
Corky solves a territorial problem with an orange crayon!

Chapter 4:
The one time Diane offers to take Corky for a ride on the back of an old bike, an accident happens!

Chapter 5:
Corky becomes a show-off on her new horse
and eats the dust!

Chapter 6:
The Eckelsbriars move into a beautiful new home. For her birthday, Grandpa Aaron surprises Corky with a new cowboy outfit which she will wear at a special occasion.

Chapter 7:
Corky begs for a bird and "Peter" joins the family.

Chapter 8:
An interesting trip to our nation's capital: Washington, D.C.

Chapter 9:
Julie and Janet are Corky's best friends....most of the time!

Chapter 10:
Julie's dog has puppies and Corky insists she would be a responsible pet owner for one of them. Some horrible things happen in the life and death of the new dog.

Chapter 11:
Corky's 5th grade teacher Mr. Kent was very special, even though the community AND the school board were worried! A great lesson in the civil rights of the 1960s.

Chapter 12:
A pillow fight turns bloody and Corky and Diane's strained relationship becomes worse.
Corky powers up for Junior High School.

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